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The teenySkySJBBs  are randomly generated, non-fungible tokens, also known as an "NFT." There are 15,000 different teenySkySJBBs and each is completely unique. No two teenySkySJBBs are the same. The first 10,000 will be available for minting and the last 5,000 are reserved for special giveaways. The teenySkySJBBs were generated from a smart contract using over 466 different traits.They are minted, stored, and traded on the Polygon blockchain. This is the first collection of the teenySkySJBBs by The Big Playhouse.

Join us and learn about The teenySkySJBBs Society origins and back stories through Virtual Storytime. They are a group of tiny skyrockets from Metahopeaverse who live on the planet of Metahopeatron. Their mission is to visit the Metaverse of EARTH and other Metaverses to do good deeds throughout the lands. As they perform their good deeds they will leave seeds to grow Wealth, Health and Happiness. Only the believers can receive the gift of  Wealth, Good Health(Healing), Happiness, Good Luck, Stability, Protection and Prosperity.  Non-believers will receive very unexpected results after touching the Seeds. 

teenyskysjbbs NFT DROP

Each Blind Spaceship has a teenySkySJBBs Series NFT which  unlocks a character in Metahopeaverse. There are a total of 10,000 unique teenySkySJBBs characters available for mint. We will reserve 5,000 unique NFTs for very special giveaways. Shortly after the public sale ends, the teenySkySJBBs you have in your Blind Spaceship will be randomly selected and revealed.

teenyskysjbbs NFT reveal

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Each pre-veal Blind Spaceship contains a teenySkySJBBs Series NFT with a unique set of features. There are 466 different animations, personal sigils, sack of seeds, face expression, color, hats, jewelry, glasses, hair and characters traits. Each trait such as character, animation, face expression etc. also has multiple tiers of rarity, resulting in unique and epic combinations for you to own! 

Key Details

The Drop

Whitelist Pre-Sale Mint

Total of 15,000 unique teenySkySJBBs characters. 10,000 available for minting and 5,000 reserve for giveaway.

TBA  ( Floor Price MATIC/Polygon equivalent to $155 per NFT)

Public Mint

Minting Details


TBA  (Floor Price MATIC/Polygon equivalent to $255 per NFT)

Maximum 10 mints per transaction for public mint. 2 mints or more will receive a free NFT.

Premium whitelist spot: maximum of 10 mints during pre-sale. 2 mints or more will receive a free NFT.

When applying for a Whitelist NFT you will need to have a blockchain wallet (MetaMask, etc.,) and wallet address that you can use to receive the whitelist spot. TeenySkySJBBs is on the Polygon/Matic Blockchain.

Blind Spaceship will be revealed to display actual avatars within 3 days after public mint selling out.