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TeenySkySJBBs Founders


For the Love of Our Children And The Community

The ARRIVAL of 15,000 teenySkySJBBs from Metahopeaverse to the Metaverse of Earth. 10,000 will be offered for minting and 5000 for giveaways. The teenySkySJBBs are tiny skyrockets from the planet of Metahopeatron. We put a lot of thought in our uniquely crafted NFTs. They are randomly program generated with 145 traits.

The teeny SkySJBBs are a proud member of THE BIG PLAYHOUSE which was founded in 2013, now moving into the NFT space. 


THE BIG PLAYHOUSE founded in 2013, formerly an imaginative play center that encouraged dramatic play  for children 6 years and younger. THE BIG PLAYHOUSE believes that the children are the key to our future. It has been a proven fact that imaginative play escalates and is the building block in improving our children's learning skills. 


Even though THE BIG PLAYHOUSE play center was a victim of the 2020 Pandemic, we have found a way to continue our work through the birth of our newest character. A new addition to THE BIG PLAYHOUSE, but the first NFT. These tiny skyrockets will provide a vehicle to give our homeless children the education they lack in our communities. It will also assist the Shelters for Single Moms and other families in vulnerable situations. Some of the focus will be providing grants for other young artists. In addition it will help with finding safe homes for abandoned and abused animals.


Our tiny skyrockets will continue to teach mankind that “ Doing Good Deeds Through Spreading Our Seeds of Abundance” will provide value to our communities.

TeenySkySJBBs OG Secret Holders

Parent Company

TeenySkySJBBs OG Secret Holders

teenySkySJbbs are a proud member of THE BIG PLAYHOUSE which was founded in 2013. Now moving into the Virtual Storytime NFT space. The tiny skyrockets from planet Metahopeaverse are visiting the Metaverse of Earth. "Doing Good Deeds while spreading Seeds of Abundance.

Motivational messages from the Teeny SkySJBBs' SecretHolders


The Teeny SkySJBBs' SecretHolders are a group of mysterious individuals who hold the key to the society's secrets. They offer motivational messages to those seeking inspiration from their society's ways. Their words of wisdom provide guidance on how to unlock the potential for greatness within oneself.

One particular message that stands out is, "Embrace uncertainty and trust in your abilities." This encourages individuals to step outside their comfort zones and take risks, knowing that they have what it takes to succeed. Another message advises, "Learn from failure and use it as fuel for growth." This emphasizes the importance of resilience in achieving one's goals.

The Teeny SkySJBBs' SecretHolders serve as role models for those looking to incorporate more mystery into their lives or performances. By following their advice and embracing uncertainty, anyone can tap into their own inner mystique and leave audiences astonished.

Meet the Founders

The Mother - Daughter Team

TeenySkySJBBs Founder

The Mother-Daughter Team

     The mother-daughter team is combining their talents and passions for a more significant cause. Together, they can bring happiness and abundance to many communities.

     They've always known, one day, they would collaborate on a creative project that would also bring them joy.

     Mother, owner of The Big Playhouse, suffered an unpredictable loss during the 2020 Pandemic. She was forced to close down the play center and could never reopen it, along with children's books, cartoons, and songs. She created the play center for children six years and younger. The Big Playhouse, established in 2013, was the original and first of its kind. It offered a community-like imaginative indoor playground that enhanced toddlers' everyday life skills. This project will allow her to continue to work in the creative arena and provide help to our communities.

     The daughter expresses her creativity in many ways, including artwork. She is responsible for the original character base for teeny SkySJBBs. She is a fantastic artist and will create more friends for the teeny SkySJBBs Society in the future. To that end, they wish to get more involved with mentoring programs for young artists.

     They focus on helping the following organizations: Homeless Children's Education, Family Shelters, and Suicide Prevention; Homeless and Abused Animals, and Suicide Prevention.

TeenySkySJBBs Founder


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TeenySkySJBBs OG Lightworkers

We have members from Switzerland, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Ireland, Norway, Iceland, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Italy, France, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Tajikistan, Kuwait, Cuba, Hungary, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Bahamas, Japan, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Singapore, Qatar, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovenia, Belgium and the Netherlands.  We invite everyone all over the world to enjoy our teenySkySJBBs Society Short Storylines Today!

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