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Things You Should Know Before You Become A
teeny SkySJBBs NFT Owner


Step 1 - MetaMask Wallet

            Part I [2:14 mins] and Part II [4:07 mins]  

Step 2 - Add Polygon/Matic Network (Blockchain) to your
            MetaMask Wallet  [1:13 mins]

Step 3 - Add Polygon/Matic Cryptocurrency to yourMetaMask Wallet
            Part I [3:19 mins] and Part II [2:44 mins] 

Step 4 - Buy and own your teenySkySJBBs NFT

With the growing popularity of NFTs, many marketplaces have cropped up to fill the increasing desire to buy and sell these items. Every marketplace is different— some specialize in all blockchains and some focus on all kinds of NFTs. TEENYSKYSJBBS.IO is an exclusive and curated NFT marketplace, with the best selection— it supports the Polygon blockchains and hosts only NFTs created by The Big Playhouse.

 STEP 1 - What is MetaMask
Part I - Benefits of using MetaMask Wallet

Part II - How To Setup Up MetaMask Wallet
Very important to keep your Secret 12 Recovery Phrase and Password in a safe place
and do not share with anyone

Step 2 - How to add Polygon/Matic Network (Blockchain) to your MetaMask Wallet
All teenySkySJBBs NFTs are sold on the Polygon/Matic Blockchain

Step 3 - How to add Polygon/Matic Cryptocurrency to your MetaMask Wallet
Part I -  Create a Coinbase Account

Part II - Using your Coinbase Account buy your Polygon/Matic Crypto and Send to MetaMask Wallet On the Polygon Network

  • Here you will need to buy enough Polygon/Matic Crypto which should be equivalent to USD for teenySkySJBBs NFT minting floor price and gas fees

  • For the Public Sale you will need enough Polygon/Matic equivalent to $255 USD per NFT plus gas fees. 

  • Remember for 2 or more teenySkySJBBs NFTs minted , you will receive one free teenySkySJBBs NFT

  • For the Private Sale (Whitelist) you will need enough Polygon/Matic equivalent to $155 USD per NFT plus gas fees

Step 4 - How to buy and own your teeny SkySJBBs NFT

  • Whitelisters  will receive their teeny SkySJBBs NFT in their Metamask Wallet during the Private Presale.  The Whitelist is open until March 2022. To become a Whitelister, click here, and fill out the application with your MetaMask Wallet's Polygon/Matic address.


  • Read and Complete all the instructions above before accessing the Public Sale. When ready, click here to go access the Public Sale.

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