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Season 1
Story 1 : Our Society



with teeny 

  • Produced and Published by: Larine Baratta

  • Original Creator of Characters: Samantha Baratta

  • Illustrated by: Larine Baratta and Sahar Kaleem

  • Narrated by: Ospiegel

  • Suggested ages: 3 years and Older

  • Run time: 7:20 minutes


In the enchanting realm of Meta-hope-a-tron, the Society of Teeny SkySJBBs, a group of tiny skyrockets with unique powers and vibrant colors, embarks on a thrilling adventure filled with suspense and danger. As they gather for a momentous meeting, the teeny SkySJBBs unite to combine their strengths and resources, aiming to tackle challenges and explore new frontiers. However, dark forces loom on the horizon, threatening to disrupt the harmony of their world. With courage in their hearts and unity in their minds, the teeny SkySJBBs must navigate treacherous landscapes, encounter mysterious creatures, and unravel secrets that will test their resilience. In this fantasy novel blending thrills, suspense, and adventure, the Society of teeny  SkySJBBs will discover the true power of unity as they face formidable obstacles and strive to protect their world from impending darkness.

Short Story Synopsis

The teeny SkySJBBs  are randomly generated, non-fungible tokens, also known as an "NFT." There are 15,000 different teeny SkySJBBs and each is completely unique. No two teeny SkySJBBs are the same. The first 10,000 will be available for minting and the last 5,000 are reserved for special giveaways. The teeny SkySJBBs were generated from a smart contract using over 466 different traits. They are minted, stored, and traded on the Polygon blockchain. This is the first collection of the teeny SkySJBBs by The Big Playhouse.

To become a teenySkySJBBs NFT owner 


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